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Homeowners Insurance

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Homeowners Insurance Coverages Explained


Dwelling coverage is the part of a homeowner's insurance policy that may help pay to rebuild or repair the physical structure of your home if it's damaged by a covered hazard. Your house and connected structures, such as an attached garage, are typically protected by dwelling coverage.

Other Structures

Other structures coverage is the part of a homeowner's insurance policy that helps pay to repair or replace structures other than your home, such as a fence, if they are damaged by a covered risk. For instance, if a tree falls on your detached garage, other structures coverage may help pay for repairs.

Personal Property

Personal property coverage, or personal property insurance, protects the items inside your home - like furniture, appliances and other personal possessions - from the many things that can destroy them. So whether they are destroyed, or stolen, inside or outside the home, your property is covered by this coverage.

Loss of Use

Loss of use coverage covers any additional living expenses, meaning any necessary expense that exceeds what you normally spend. For example, if your home is getting repairs and you are unable to live there for a duration of time, this coverage will pay for the cost of a hotel and take out food during the duration of the repairs.

Medical Expense

Medical payments coverage covers you if a guest is injured at your home whether you're to blame or not and can even help you if you're sued for an accident outside your home. Medical payments coverage usually has a limit of $1,000 to $5,000. Medical payments coverage is meant for small claims.

Personal Liability

Personal liability occurs in the event of an accident, in or out of your home, that results in bodily injury or property damage to others that you are held legally responsible for. Personal liability will cover the costs of medical bills, as well as your legal defense fees, up to the limit of your liability coverage. It has higher limits than medical payments.

Scheduled Personal Property

Scheduled personal property is a supplemental insurance policy that extends coverage beyond the standard protection provided in a homeowners'  insurance policy. Owners can ensure the full-value coverage of expensive items like jewelry or fine art, in the event of a claim.


A home insurance deductible is the amount of money you have to pay toward repairs before your insurance covers the rest. For example, if your home faces sudden and accidental damage that causes $8,000 worth of damage to your home and your deductible is $1,000, you will only have to pay $1,000 toward the repair.

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